Aquarian Age Service
10:00AM to 11:15AM
Watch Elizabeth Clare Prophet on YouTube. 
Our interactive Aquarian Age Sunday Service features teachings and scripture from East and West, music, meditations, and a message from an ascended master given through the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  The Messengers have delivered a new progressive revelation Teaching for the next two thousand year cycle of the Aquarian Age.  They are known as the "Two Witnesses" from the Christian Bible. The Teaching builds on those in the lineage of Spiritual Hierarchy including, but not limited to Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Gautama Buddha, Padmasambhava, Krishna (the of Prophets East and West). We study the inner mysteries of the worlds' religions that can lead you to spiritual empowerment.  Empowerment comes through the initiations given to us by spiritual teachers called the Ascended Masters; and most importantly, by our own Inner Master referred to by Jesus as "The Comforter," or "The Mind of Christ," or known by many as our Higher Self.

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