Chart of your Divine Self

The Chart of Your Divine Self is a portrait of you and the presence of God within you. It is a diagram of your potential to become who you really are. It is an outline of your spiritual anatomy.  We will use the Christian representation here.   There is a corresponding chart for Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and Sikhs summarized at the bottom of this page.

The I AM Presence

The upper round rainbow figure, is known as the "I AM Presence," the Presence of God that is individualized in each one of us. It is your personalized "I AM THAT I AM". Your I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres of spiritual energy that makes up what is called your "causal body." These spheres of pulsating energy contain the record of the good works you have performed since your first incarnation on earth. They are like your cosmic bank account.

The name, "I AM Presence," I AM THAT I AM, corresponds to the Father aspect of God in spiritual traditions around the world. It is the spirit of God individualized for each of us. The ascending and descending triangles of the Trinity of God within man meet in the center of the heart where the name of God, "I AM THAT I AM," is inscribed, as you can see in the illustration on this page.  Christians think of this spiritual power as God the Father. God revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai, “I AM THAT I AM. Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you….”

It is an ancient name, and yet we use it every day. Whenever we say the words, "I am," we are really saying "God in me." That is what this section is about – your divine Self, your I AM Presence -- and spiritual unity.

The middle figure in the Chart represents the "Holy Christ Self," who is also called the Higher Self or the Higher Mental Body. You can think of your Holy Christ Self as your chief guardian angel and dearest friend, your inner teacher and voice of conscience. Christians recognize that Jesus fully embodied the Mind of Christ and taught his followers to put on the Mind of Christ that was in him.  So what the Chart shows is that each of us has a Higher Self, or "Inner Christ," and that each of us is destined to become one with that Higher Self - whether we call it the Christ, the Buddha, the Tao or the Atman. This "Inner Christ" is what the Christian mystics sometimes refer to as the "inner man of the heart."

The shaft of white light descending from the I AM Presence through the Holy Christ Self to the lower figure in the Chart is the crystal cord (sometimes called the silver cord). It is the "umbilical cord" the lifeline, that ties you to Spirit. Your crystal cord also nourishes that special, radiant flame of God that is ensconced in the secret chamber of your heart. It is called the threefold flame, or divine spark, because it is literally a spark of sacred fire that God has transmitted from his heart to yours. This flame is called "threefold" because it engenders the primary attributes of Spirit - power, wisdom and love.

The lower figure in the Chart of Your Divine Self represents you, the soul on the spiritual path, surrounded by the violet flame and the protective white light of God known as the tube of light. The soul is the living potential of God - the part of you that is mortal but that can become immortal. The purpose of your soul's evolution on earth is to grow in self-mastery, balance your karma, fulfill your mission on earth so that you return to the spiritual dimensions that are your real home. The high-frequency energy of the violet flame can help you reach that goal more quickly.

The violet flame is known as the mercy flame or the flame of forgiveness, as well as the freedom flame. This seventh-ray aspect of the Holy Spirit can be called forth through prayer and mantra. The violet flame can be used to transmute, or change, any negative energy in our lives—for example, the energies of hatred, anger, discord and hardness of heart.

Devotees use it to transmute negative karma and to produce positive change in all areas of human endeavor, whether personal or planetary in scope. The following is a simple mantra from Saint Germain, the ascended master who introduced the violet flame to mankind, that can be used to bring the action of this powerful energy into your world:

I AM a being of violet fire, 

I AM the purity God desires!

As you give this mantra, you can visualize this high-frequency energy of the violet flame erasing your problems, resolving burdens and liberating you from sadness or regret due to poor choices in the past.

For a more detailed and universal explanation, see

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