Since The Summit Lighthouse was founded in 1958 by Mark L. Prophet under the sponsorship of the ascended masters, it has been our goal to bring liberation to all souls everywhere who seek spiritual freedom; to all those who sense their own innate divinity and wish to express and develop it.

To further this goal, Church Universal and Triumphant was established in 1975 and has since become a worldwide resource for the teachings of the ascended masters.

The ascended master teachings we espouse are universal, bridging the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions of both East and West.

We have always honored and respected free will and the right to choose whatever beliefs resonate in each heart and soul.

We have remained steadfast in our determination to spread the message of spiritual universality to all who desire it worldwide…and we intend to continue until this mission is fulfilled. Our message is always one of awakening to the light within; a positive message for world transformation and renewal.

We invite you to:

…and then determine what resonates within your heart.

This is the age where we once again return to the feet of the ascended masters—those who can show us how to ascend the mountain of Being. They are the true guides for our journey home.

In your journey, may you find the necessary keys to understand and achieve spiritual mastery in your life and connect with the masters who can mentor your soul on the upward path to reuniting with your higher self – the Mighty I AM Presence.