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What do the Ascended Masters say about Abortion and why is it so political?
The Messengers have taught that we cannot just outlaw the termination of an unborn life without a conversion in the hearts of the people to a culture of life. The current polarization of the practice of abortion happens because most often facts are presented at the level of the intellect. The human intellect is referred to as the carnal mind because it is a human skill that does not require grounding at the spiritual level. We can have a highly developed intellect outside of the mind of God. Our outer mind can solve many intellectual problems but can become isolated from spiritual wisdom and the connection with the absolute truth of life in the universe at the level of the Divine Presence.

Converting the hearts of the people to a culture of life happens naturally with a spiritual conversion to the culture of the Divine Mother in the current Aquarian Age.  A spiritual conversion will also bestow on us a spirit of forgiveness as we understand how we let go of our past and evolve into a new set of beliefs. Christians outline this process as "putting on the mind of Christ*," which in itself is a mystery of conversion that one will not fully understand until they go through it.
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*Philippians 2:5