Unveiling the Mysteries of Revelation

A previously unpublished lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet given March 7-8, 1978.

In this unique and outstanding lecture Elizabeth Clare Prophet charts the Book of Revelation - all 22 chapters and 404 verses - on the cosmic clock as one giant spiral.

This spiral is a mystical rendering by Jesus Christ to John the Beloved of our own path of initiation, as individuals and as twin flames.

As Mrs. Prophet teaches, the mysteries of Revelation are unsealed. We learn that all initiates must meet and conquer by the sword of the Spirit the coming of the dragon, the beast, the false prophet and the great whore, which are all perversions of love.

You can read the Book of Revelation again and again and it will never cease to reveal to you the mysteries of the unfoldment of your Inner Self. - Elizabeth Clare Prophet, March 7, 1978

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